Colombo FT-MS 666, antifire for road tunnels


Features: fast and easy to install, the system uses the water supply network in tunnels and reacts actively and automatically
Operating pressure: 5-10 bar; flow rate: 2-5000 l/m; each section is protected and is 35m to 75 m long; foaming agent: 3% AFFF-C303; medium-low expansion, non-toxic and biodegradable.
Benefits: it does not hinder the stratification of the fumes and helps the exit and the intervention of the staff; it interacts with the ventilation system and cuts direct and indirect costs reducing insurance premiums.
Applications: automatic water-foam deluge for mitigation and the extinguishing of fires in road tunnels. Made in compliance with the current regulations. It increases the safety level in tunnels enabling the staff involved to operate in safe conditions.


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