Skytac, fall preventing ladder


Use: access at high or in depth. With or without rungs, for an existing ladder, it can be installed on any type of structure (tower, masts, buildings, poles).
Features: hot galvanized steel and corrosion-proof, gripping device in stainless steel; it has block points close to each other, for a very small impact in case of fall. The range is completed by components and accessories to ensure high levels of safety (inlet wells, landing on the roof, running boards off, intersections, etc.). The system is self-installing, quick and easy to mount.
Adavantages: it provides the highest level of safety thanks to the new runner SPEED, the most advanced running device in safety and technique present on the market. Redundant double safety system, maximum performances and maximum grip during normal use and in case of accidental event. Its mechanism for speed detection makes it possible to release the block in case the first system does not perform. An energy absorber, rollers for an easy scrolling and a mixture of stainless steel and aluminum, to make it even more robust and light, complete the device.


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